Respond to our post on Facebook here. Be sure to use the hashtag #20tables20days. Make sure you let us know which table you’re entering to win. For instance: “Hey, @OpenTable. Give me a meal at Meat Fish Wine. #20tables20days.”

You can use emoji if you want, but it won’t increase your chances of winning. (You’ll need a Facebook account to enter. Sorry, Aunt Alice.)

Submit your entry anytime between 00:01 (AEST) 20 June 2016 (it’s a Monday) and 23:59 (AEST) on 1 July 2016 (TGIF). But don’t cut it too close. Your watch may not be synchronised with ours.

After the close of the entry period (see above, skimmer) we’ll randomly draw 20 entrant names from a huge hat or something. If we draw your name, we’ll send you a private message through Facebook, sometime between July 4 and July 5. Don’t wait by the phone. Unless you get Facebook notifications on it. If you do win, be sure to claim your prize by 5 July 2016 or we’ll give it to someone else and hope they check their email more than you.

To receive a list of the competition winners, email hello@OpenTable.com. Send that request by 5 October 2016.

Probably not. These restaurants are already bending over backward to show you a good time. Don’t be difficult and change the details before you’ve even won the table. Just enter to win a different mind-expanding experience and enjoy yourself for once.

A memorable meal, to start. You’ll also get the metaphorical white-glove treatment at the restaurant preparing your prize. You might hang out with the executive chef, get a copy of their cookbook, and sample the wine from her personal collection. Or you might just get the meal and a wink from somebody sexy at another table. We can’t tell you your future. But we can tell you that you’ll have to get your own ride there (and back). Trust us, it’ll be worth it. Even if you have to walk uphill, stomach grumbling.

That depends on the prize. Some are tables for two. Some are tables for four. So that’s either you +3 or you +1.

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